Monday, July 24, 2006

Very Basics of E-Business Suite Web Server

I will be covering Oracle E-Business Suits 11i Basics and slowly moving to Advanced Setup/Configuring of Oracle E-Business Suite. This will cover all components of Oracle E-Business Suite including WebServer(Apache), Forms, Reports, Concurrent Manager, Discoverer, Database . Later this will include Oracle Apps DBA tasks like patching, cloning, upgrade, troubleshooting where to look for issues and where is log/configuration files of each component. Some of the content might sound stupid for you initially but I will start with real basics and might be interesting to know how & why it works like this in Oracle Apps i.e. E-Business Suite 11i. So here I start first with WebServer we wil call webserver, Oracle-Apache or iAS intermittently

Starting point is when you access/hit URL, it is of format


So lets break parts of this URL which we use to access apps

protocol can be http or https ( non ssl or ssl depending on your web server i.e. Apache component )
server-name : webserver name usually this is server name on which Webserevr/Apache exists. It can be different then physical hostname of machine in case of Virtual Host setup.
port number : is port number of Web Server , where to find this port number ? We will discuss this in future in our Oracle-Apache blogs.

so if your Machine Name where your Oracle-Apache(WebServer ) exists is and WebServer listen port is 8021 listening on Non ssl port you will be using URL

Have you noticed that sometime you access URL like

Where the hell port number gone or am I accessing webserver without any port ( Which can't be possible ) so how its working .

By default if you don't specify any port number after protocol http that means it will take default port i.e. 80 and for https it will take port 443 so your webserver or proxy server sitting ahead of webserver or your loadbalancer should be listening on port 80 or 443 and passing request to Webserver (Oracle-Apache).

This doubt was haunting me for a month back in year 2000 so I thought of discussing this first in my blog . I will start with Architecture in my next blog. Don't forget to send feedback ;-)

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Nice one

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I didnt see much information here about the web server. You can start with the basics like what is a web server first of all and then the url details and stuff.How it processes the requests coming from the internet etc. I hope my comments will be helpfull in improving the quality of information in your blog.

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More details coming in latest post , check other one at

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Here are some links that I believe will be interested

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Great site lots of usefull infomation here.

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